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Wheel Spinning - Next Steps

Wheel Spinning - Next Steps

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You have a wheel, and you can spin a basic single ply yarn but it takes longer than it should and you aren’t sure what to do next. Don’t worry! There is more out there – if you are excited to learn take that next step NOW! Learn back draw and forward draw, and the famous long draw! We will practice some different plying techniques, venture a tiny bit down the art yarn path, and work on finishing techniques as well. Up your wheel spinning game in a safe environment with a teacher who has been spinning for decades.

To take this class you MUST be able to spin a basic single ply yarn with NO trouble. Student should have a wheel they are comfortable using and traveling with. Call to inquire about renting a wheel for class. All subsequent lessons are $25 an hour 

Class includes:

  • 2 two-hour classes
  • How to forward draw
  • How to back draw
  • How to long draw
  • Basic (and more) plying
  • Intro to Art Yarn
  • Finishing your Yarn
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