Your Hosts

This pair of fiber fanatics is excited to organize and host this fiber retreat for yarn lovers of all kinds. Located in the countryside just south of Roanoke, Virginia, this duo is thrilled to welcome you to Skein Away! Leave your worries behind and enjoy a fun filled weekend of yarn and friendship. This event is sponsored by Yarn Seasons, our Local Yarn Shop!

Sheila (AKA Mummy)

Sheila has been knitting for almost 80 years. Although she has lived in the US for over 60 years she still retains a strong British accent, so she is easy to find in a crowd.

A leading light for a local charity knitting group, Adele's Legacy, she has been teaching and educating about knitting for decades. Sheila belongs to many private knitting groups and is currently teaching a group of women ("Sheila's Sheep") at her LYS how to knit hats, sweaters and scarves for Adele's Legacy.

As head of Charity Knitting for the South West Virginia Knitting Guild, she is always ready, willing, and able to spread the gospel of knitting to anyone with a smile and a cup of hot tea! (Oh, and ask her about her friendship with knitting legend Elizabeth Zimmerman!)


Dorothea is a knitter, spinner and weaver. She owns the Local Yarn Shop (LYS), Yarn Seasons, where she teaches knitting, spinning, and rigid heddle weaving. Follow the shop on Facebook, Instagram, and Ravelry! She is a little crazy, (Do you know anyone else who bought a yarn store during a world wide pandemic?) but she sure does love to knit! The shop opened in November 2020 and she has been immersed in her love of yarn and knitting ever since! Yarn Seasons is knows as a wonderful spot to hang out with a cup of tea and your favorite project! Stop by and spend your special Skein Away money coins (You get one when you check in!) and pick up some fabulous yarn, needles galore, and all your notional needs! We can't wait to show you our Yarn Seasons Exclusives and beautiful yarn choices! Located only 15 minutes from the retreat, you will want to make sure this is part of your plan for the weekend! See you soon!