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Learn to Spin Class

Learn to Spin Class

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Learn to make your very own yarn! We start you off on a drop spindle to become familiar with the concept of drafting and twist. This includes an introduction to fiber qualities and basic breed traits. Then you transition to a spinning wheel and learn to spin, ply, finish your yarn, and basic wheel maintenance.

Class includes:

  • 2 two-hour classes
  • Use of a drop spindle*
  • Use of a spinning wheel*
  • Knowledge about different fibers and how they spin
  • Knowledge about basic breed traits
  • Drafting - how to use twist
  • Basic Plying
  • How to finish your yarn
  • How to choose and maintain a spinning wheel

*When you come to the first class you will be required to sign a rental agreement and leave a $400 check deposit for the use of the spindle and the wheel. Both can be taken home for students to use and the check will be returned to you (uncashed) when the wheel and the spindle is returned in good condition.

All subsequent lessons are $25 an hour 

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