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Flying Foxtail Shawl Class

Flying Foxtail Shawl Class

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Stephen West describes the pattern this way: "Explore the wonders of brioche lace knitting with exaggerated increases in this delightful shawl. Two colors create the graphic brioche ribbing that expands from the top center of the shawl toward the border. The sudden increases are easy to work, but very impactful."

Fixing brioche when you go wrong is the most important thing you will learn in this class. The pattern is not difficult once you understand the stitch, but fixing it when you go wrong can be a challenge, and I will help you learn to UNDERSTAND brioche so it will be easier to fix and less likely for you to go wrong.

Class Includes:

You will Learn:

  • How to read a brioche pattern
  • How to increase in brioche
  • How to knit 2-color brioche
  • How to fix basic brioche when it goes wrong
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